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Becka Brown: music

What Do You Want For Christmas

(Becka Brown)
December 20, 2010
Becka Brown and Nick Pellegrino

A playful, torchy, Christmas love song with a beguiling female vocal, brilliant jazzy guitar - fresh and new, with a retro touch.

I was rocked to sleep with my mother singing “You Belong to Me” and “I’ll be Loving You Always”. All the great songs. I remember hearing my father singing “Someone to Watch Over Me” and thinking that I was the luckiest girl in the world---”I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood, oh how I wish somebody could be one who’ll watch over me” in his gorgeous Nat King Cole-like baritone and I knew that I was that little lamb and he would watch over me through the night. My Daddy also played the trumpet --- he’d sit on the side of his bed and play and then he’d start singing, something like “I’ll Get By As Long As I Have You” , or “You Go To My Head”- - great old torch songs.... We played records--Louis Prima and Keely Smith, Chet Baker, Sinatra, Bennett, Perry Como, Nat King Cole and Sarah Vaughan playing in our home --- the great singers. Nick Pellegrino and I drew the vibe from these old songs when we wrote this new one. some day, I'd like to do a whole CD of old torch songs, but for now, I'm offering this new one just in time for Christmas.

what do you want for christmas
baby, i think i might know
is there something that you wish for before you go to slepp
and dream of never, ever letting go

of all your christmas wishes
what one thing would bring you joy
that something really special you could wrap your arms around
and know you must have been a real good boy

who needs mistletoe?
everybody knows that’s just gonna get you a kiss
let old santa fly!
look into my eyes if what you want for christmas is this

if we have snow this christmas
we might have to light a fire
maybe we can keep it burning the whole year through
you know, all i ever want for christmas is you

so, tell me, baby
what do you want for christmas

becka brown & nick pellegrino
peacecake publishing/sesac