Under the ever-changing West Texas sky, in the shadow of the legend of Buddy, grew the young flower child who would become the artist Becka Brown. The daughter of a beat poet and an itenerant preacher, she first sang in public with her father in a small Baptist church-on-the-prairie. Encouraged by her mother and lured by the bohemian West Texas underground performance art scene, she began writing poetry and singing her self-penned pop music, opening for the likes of Joe Ely at the obscure Monterey Cafe. There was a brief stint with a Mariachi band. Soon, she fronted the band Blame It On Bob. Becka left home to join an acoustic rock band in Colorado, ended up in Austin where she sang with a couple of Texas swing bands, taught dance, became a child bride, organic gardener and mother of two beautiful daughters. Before long, of a necessity to provide for and properly raise these daughters, she left her artistic life behind and took gainful employment in Dallas with Polygram Records, thus beginning a long run as an “industry professional”. She moved to Nashville, worked for some production companies and publishers and Warner Bros. Records, keeping her creative heartbeat alive by doing background vocals for other artists - and writing. Becka landed a plum position in writer relations at SESAC, where she discovered, nurtured, educated and networked songwriters. She worked with some great artists and publishers. She was even given an impressive title. This was all very gratifying, but not the desire of her heart. Having accomplished her chief goal, daughters now grown and capable and splendid, Becka was now more than ready to pursue her other true calling.  Becka Brown, with her debut project Do You Know Me has (albeit at long last) arrived, providing a broad demographic with just such music. And, because the music industry taught her so much over the years, she wants to give something back. Two simple truths: 1). People really want the good stuff, and 2). It’s never too late.