Welcome, and thanks so much for stopping by. Please come on in a little further and listen, maybe check out what people are saying about my cd "Do You Know Me", and stay tuned for what's next. I hope to post some preview songs soon from my upcoming cd, "The Here and Now". So please do check back every now and then.

Someone asked me in an interview what motivated me to make this cd. Truth is, I didn't set out to make a cd at first. This project began with the intention of just demo-ing some of my songs, sort of putting paint to canvas -- at the urging of my friend Matt Pierson (bassist extraordinaire and, ultimately, producer of four great cuts on this cd) who believed my songs were begging to be recorded. And as we obliged said songs, they took on a life of their own and would not be denied. Much like Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey - or Frankenstein's monster (it's alive!). Well, except they're not scary.

Anyway, I'd meanwhile been working with my friend/soul-brother, producer Regie Hamm on demo-ing "Gravity," which turned out so cool we ended up doing a bunch more songs together and, voila! We had a beautiful cd!

I'm so glad you came, and hope you come back soon.

Peace and love,