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  1. Jaws

From the recording Jaws

I wrote this to answer my friends who were concerned that I would get my heart broken by this guy. I knew I would get my heart broken, but I'd had it broken before and knew how to fix it. I had been keenly aware of the dangers and pitfalls here, and plunged in head-long. Sometimes, you gotta take the peril with the joy.
I love on the record, where my friend (and producer) Regie Hamm does his "wildman of Borneo"-type vocals. Rrraargh!


seems I've sprung the cage of something wild
all my friends say "she's a foolish child - he's
a monster, see his beastly grin - we're afraid
that she'll be taken in - poor pet"
but, to the jaws of a lion - to the paws of a mortal man
I surrender my tender neck, to the amazement of my
friends - it may appear death-defying - now on this
trapeze high in the sky, I say, "forget the safety net",
as they all brace for my demise
see, part beast, part boy Adonis, clown - see me
wrestle this cub to the ground - when he lies, his tawny
eyes turn blue - truth is, he just doesn't know what's true
poor pet - forget the safety net, I know exactly what I do
so, to the jaws of the lion - to the charms of a smiling boy
I surrender my tender heart and take the peril with the joy