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  1. Read My mind

From the recording Read My mind

My friend Leslie Riley is a truly wonderful songwriter, singer and guitarist. One day she brought me the hook to this song, sang it to me in her Lesley Riley beautiful voice and played the chorus melody in her one-of-a-kind Lesley Riley style. We kicked it around for a while, but we didn't finish it. For years. Then I went ahead and wrote what I thought should be written, recorded it and told her if she didn't love it, I wouldn't release it. But, you know what? She liked it.


read my mind
there is something I'd really, really like to say
(but I can't say it) - you would know it if words
didn't get in the way (oh, I can't say it)
if I were clever I could make some smart remark
but if I never could, I guess you would stay in the dark
(but, I know what).
why don't you just read my mind
why don't you just read my mind
you might find a story will unwind
ooh, why don't you read my mind
there is treasure waiting to be realized and you should know it
find your future here behind my waiting eyes
(why don't you know it) - if I were very sure you feel the way I do
i'd shout it loud and clear --- for now, my dear, it's up to you
there are volumes of useful information - read my mind
I won't hold you in false anticipation if you'll just read my mind
read my mind ---- why don't you just read my mind
then you'll find your name is underlined - ooh, why don't you
check out my eyes and read all about it - read my mind